Study Permit & Student Visa Procedure for South Africa

International Students who wish to study whether at a primary, secondary, or higher educational institution in South Africa must apply for a study permit as it is the foremost criterion for admittance at South African educational institution. Here's information on South Africa study permit requisites and application ways and means!

Depending upon your nationality, aim and time period of your visit, you may not require a visa for South Africa. To know about the countries exempted from South African Visas, visit official website of Department of Home Affairs

Application Ways and Means

International Students must apply for the study permit after they have got the conditional acceptance letter from the concerned South African educational institution. Once you receive it, fill out a study permit application form and submit it to your nearest South African Embassy/Consulate along with all the required documentation. 


Submit the following documents along with the study permit application:
  • Application form: Must be completed and signed by you. 
  • Valid Passport and 2 photographs: It should be valid for a minimum of 30 days more than the application period.
  • Payment Submission Proof: To know about the fees for study permit application, contact your nearest South Africa Office Abroad
  • Financial Resources Proof: Showing that you’re financially sound to pay your tuition fees and other expenses. Submit bank statements of 3 months. 
  • Health Insurance Proof: Evidence of Health insurance cover must be submitted. It must be registered or recognised in South Africa.
  • Birth Certificate Copy
  • Acceptance Letter: It is issued by the educational institution.
  • Repatriation Guarantee: If you do not have a written undertaking of support from a South African, you will need to submit a cash deposit equivalent to the amount of a return ticket. And if you’re an African student, provide evidence that your country has signed a written undertaking to pay costs for deportation. If your programme is less than one year, or you will be going to a religious institution, in this case, you will be excused from this requisite, and will only require a valid return ticket.
  • Accommodation Evidence: Indicating the details of accommodation arrangements in South Africa
  • Medical Certificate: A medical certificate and a radiological report/chest X-ray or skin TB test results must be submitted.
  • Police Clearance Proof: A non-criminal certificate from the police department.

For Minor- Under 18 years 

Submit a written permission from the parents 

Submit the details of the person in South Africa who will act as your guardian and a confirmation letter from the intended guardian.

Acceptance Letter: An official letter from the South African educational institution substantiating your acceptance and specifying the time span of your course/programme.

Evidence of Sufficient Financial resources

Processing Time

The processing time for Study Permit for South Africa is generally 6 weeks, thus make your application on time! 

Validity & Renewal of Study Permits

Study permits are usually valid for the duration of the programme for which they were provided, or for 3 years for school and 2 years for other educational institutions. After this time period, apply for renewal.

To know more about the Study Permit for South Africa, contact your closest South African office overseas or visit
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